Compagnia dei Ricomposti

The Compagnia dei Ricomposti originates from the experience of a group of young people, united by friendship and political passion, led by Maestro Vandro Franceschini, forming a company that was called Chiucchiurlea, with the intention of proposing a show that related to the peasant culture and its traditions, brought to success especially during the "Città di Anghiari International Culture Award". In the following year, some members left the group and others took over and for this new formation the Milan journalist Gian Franco Venè, wrote a musical operetta "Baldaccio d'Anghiari" history with music by Annibale del Sere. Thirty five years ago the "Compagnia dei Ricomposti" was born, but the winning move was to involve the Maestro Mario Guiducci to guide and coordinate the musical part of the show.


The Company debuted at the Teatro dei Ricomposti, from which it took its name on May 1, 1982, in the presence of Catherine Spack and Francesco Guccini, with whom they had lunch at the Castello di Sorci. Thus began the adventure with the first trip to Germany, a wish from German Professor Roland Gunther, where the Company brought the Baldaccio d'Anghiari, first to the University of Bielfeld then to Cologne with a brief visit to Amsterdam. This operetta has been replicated for more than fifty times.


In 1992 the Compagnia toured Hungary with Eger always with Baldaccio di Anghiari. In 1992 Gianfranco Vené leaves and to commemorate it was brought on stage "Mastr'Antonio" directed by Andrea Merendelli. In 1993 new tour in Hungary. From this moment, thanks to the research of pieces conducted by Maestro Mario Guiducci and Walter del Sere, the passion for the folk song of the Tuscan folk tradition began, trying to avoid the disappearance of some songs now forgotten. The same pieces were reworked by Maestro Guiducci and readjusted to a company now become a Tuscan folk song. Thus began a new adventure made of many stages and important events all over the world. In 1995 he took part in the RAI "Utile e Futile" television broadcast in Saxa Rubra and in December in Rome, Museo Tradizioni Popolari with "Anghiari lettura per immagini". Meanwhile, some elements of the company begin to collaborate with the director Andrea Merendelli in the show Tovaglia a Quadri. In 1998 he began the series of tours in Germany organized by the Province of Arezzo. The first year starts with the city of Saarbrucken. In November 1998, the Company was invited to Argentina in the city of La Plata, which has about 80 inhabitants of Anghiarese origin, for the twinning with the Municipality of Anghiari. It was a beautiful tour because we brought our show to Rosario, Buenos Aires, Porto Madryn in Patagonia between whales and penguins.

In 1999 the Company recorded a CD "Bistarone and other stories - Folk songs from Arezzo and Valle di Piero".   The annual appointment with Germany in the city of Nuremberg continues. In January 2000 International Tourism Exchange in Milan. In the year 2001 at Alcamo in Sicily. In the year 2002 in Germany in the city of Bonn. In the same year in Valgreghentino on Lake Como. And in 2003 continuing in the German tradition in the city of Stuttgart and in 2004 in Munich. In 2005, the company is invited to Russia for the twinning with the City of Vladimir and in the same year in Prudnik in Poland.

After several tours in Italy, the Compagnia leaves for the second tour in Argentina for the La Plata project, autobiographical stories of the emigrants who left Italy for the new world and a better life. On this occasion Mastro Santi had made a scale reproduction of the Madonna di Tino da Camaino located in the Church of the Abbey, and still placed in a plaza of the City of La Plata. September 2007 a show for the conference of young Tuscan people in the world in Anghiari.

In 2007, on November 16th, Walter del Sere passes away, the element together with Maestro Guiducci, the most representative of the Company. Despite everything and following a bit what Walter would have liked because it was he who organized it, we left for the tour in Canada doing shows in Toronto and Ottawa with an episode at Niagara Falls. An important meeting was held with the Italian Ambassador to Canada, already known as Consul in La Plata in Argentina, to whom we brought greetings from the City of Anghiari.

In 2008, in Montbeillard in France for Christmas markets, perhaps among the most important in Europe. And in 2009 again in Stuttgart in Germany. Then for two years in Cavalese famous ski resort on the occasion of Marcialonga international nordic ski race.

The Compagnia boasts three appearances on the Linea Verde RAI television program, various interventions also in the social sector, enlivening with its own songs Institutes for the elderly and disabled, not only in Italy but also in Canada.

These are just a few listing of events and in the life of the Compagnia, it is not possible to list all of them as the list is very comprehensive.


In 2018 Compagnia dei Ricomposti, the company celebrates thirty five years of activity and does not show it, the most important cultural expression of Anghiari, which as the title of the Festa della Toscana says, has truly brought our world culture, our popular traditions transmitted through the song of which we are proud and jealous.

Thanks to Artistic Director Mario Guiducci who has been able to give life to many popular songs with musical adaptation for the group and for the patience with which he still holds together the various components, sometimes a bit 'anarchists and this I can say with certainty as part of this company. Thanks also for the historical research of many songs made by the Maestro and his friend Walter revisiting other areas of Tuscany. A particular thought to his friend Walter with our gratitude for all he did for the Compagnia dei Ricomposti, which allows us to deliver this great cultural heritage, which we too have inherited, to future generations.